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FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
god bless. we'll see you soon. >> bret: mitt romney has a big win just three days before super tuesday. this is "special report". good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney picked up a major boost to his presidential campaign, taking first place in the washington state caucuses. the initial west coast contest of this season. we have fox team coverage. carl cameron is in cincinnati, ohio, ahead of super tuesday. we begin with correspondent dan springer who is live in seattle. good evening, dan. >> yeah. good evening, brett. with 62% of the vote here in washington state counted in the straw poll today, mitt romney has a lead with 37% of the vote. a short time ago, he issued a victory statement that reads in part, i'm heartened to have won the washington caucuses and i thank the voters for their support. every day that passes with barak obama in the white house is a day in which america's recovery from the economic crisis is delayed. here is how the other three candidates faired so far. ron paul at 24%. with rick santorum also at 24%. and newt gingrich at 11%. it was a day with a s
FOX News
Mar 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
race in the state of ohio, just call aid short time ago for mitt romney. >> it's true. welcome to america's election headquarters. we were supposed to nap this afternoon and tonight, but you couldn't. you had to be glue to the screen and it's still going on. >> gregg: thanks for being with us. rick santorum and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. the closest race. >> jamie: sips the very first contest in iowa. now to the other stage, romney has won his home state of massachusetts. he was the governor there t. really wasn't a surprise. but a win is a win is a win. he also won vermont, a state that none of the candidates chose to visit. they had new rules and it went to romney. that had to do with the way the delegates were awarded he claims a victory in virginia, where only ron paul was the other one who met the requirements to be on the ballot. out west, he takes idaho. a large mormon population, predicted to turn out for the candidate and where in 2008, interestingly, ron paul took 23% of the vote. >> gregg: rick santorum has won the state of oklahoma, 40 d
FOX News
Mar 21, 2012 2:00am EDT
from washington, d.c.. >> good evening, i'm bret baier live in chicago where mitt romney blew through the windy city to record a major win today. rick santorum finishes second. ron paul will finish in third. and newt gingrich, fourth. we have team coverage tonight. mike emmanuel at the candidate home state of pennsylvania and carl cameron at the site of the romney celebration in illinois. hi, carl. >> hi, bret. big win for mitt romney. double digits. and early in the day aides saying they'd be happy but they're confident they're going to win. and it's a very big win for mitt romney. he's won 21 of the 33 contests that happened so far. and as he has in previous vikt floiz mention of his rivals vokusing on barack obama and his removeal from office. here is how he put it. >> our choice will not be about party, or even personality. this election will be about principle. our economic freedom will be on the ballot. i'm offering a real choice. and a new beginning. i'm running for president because i have the experience and the vision to get us out of this mess. >> bret: familiar rhet
FOX News
Mar 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
is when you get in polling booth and look at the questions, is barack obama or mitt romney the one to hand this for you? if you are right and think romney will do it for you, then obama will lose. >> andrea: the poll, he beats him by seven point information the poll. >> bob: that is so far off. >> andrea: why every poll that we cite -- >> bob: not that. but among independents, romney is in the worst shape of any public figure in america. >> andrea: not according to bloomberg. >> bob: bloomberg should stick to business. >> kimberly: how do you know it went get better as it goes forward and they select nominee versus everything fragmented? he is ahead to head in 49-45, obama tight in support of women. >> bob: if you have an economy that bad, numbers are that bad. >> greg: you can't ask women to vote for you as a favor. that's what obama is doing. vote for me so i'll do another job. but obama is saying give me another four years. it doesn't buy in favor. >> bob: we'll do a better job maybe. >> andrea: i think he assumes women are stupid. >> bob: no, he doesn't. >> andrea: he does. he assuming
FOX News
Mar 24, 2012 10:00pm EDT
obama in november. and fox news projecting now that person to be rick santorum. with mitt romney finishing in second place. analysts had predicted louisiana could be a three-way race between santorum, mitt romney and newt gingrich. now keep in mind, santorum won the primaries in neighboring alabama and mississippi, but analysts say voters in louisiana are a bit different. for example, that state has fewer people who identify themselves as evangelical, a group that tends to resonate with santorum. but tonight he had support from everyone, including conservatives and moderates alike, and it didn't hurt that mitt romney did damage control this week after an aide made comments comparing his campaign strategy to that of an etch-a-sketch. 1 in 5 voters said today those comments were "most important or one of the most important factors" in their decision at the polling booth. in this race for the gop presidential nomination, it does come down to delegates. louisiana with 46 at stake. only 20 of those, though, to be given after tonight's contest divided proportionately to the candidates
FOX News
Mar 7, 2012 2:00pm PST
for mitt romney or not? a lot of opinions on fox news last night, including this guy over here. we'll show you what the smartest people in politics think about the results. also, don't forget to e-mail us at stay with us. ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we're going to talk politics now. yesterday was super tuesday. republican candidates battled it out. here at fox we have a bunch of our all-star on it. take a listen. >> we're past the point now where we should be talking about momentum or perception or any of that. it's about delegates. >> i think in the end it's a slow and steady, the tortoise, you know, gathering up delegates. romney is on his way but it will be painful long strip. it gets weaker, not stronger with every week. >> competition makes all the candidates stronger. we have five men running for president. any of the four on the g.o.p. ticket are stronger than barack obama. that fifth candidate running for president, newt gingrich one of the four, i'm glad he is staying in it. >> the only candidate who can be nominated by may or june is romney.
FOX News
Mar 6, 2012 2:00pm PST
truthful about how mitt romney has been hurt by the process. if you look at the new "wall street journal" poll out, 28% of adults view him favorably compared to 39% unfairably. it has taken a hit. it's still at the end of this thing, if he does get the nomination, he will be stronger for it. >> eric: is that true? here is my problem. i think dick morris is 100% right. i think today being super tuesday we are going to pick the next president of the united states. probably the way things are looking it will be romney. morris is right. eventually we will get off the contraceptive thing and get back to what matters. the economy. jobs, down 14 million jobs, down 1.5 million jobs since obama took over. gas is $3.75 a gallon. people are unemployment longer than ever in history. once the focus is back on that. it doesn't matter -- you could put patriotic pup up to beat obama. >> does he make the aim requirement? dog years. >> dana: bob does. >> bob: may i make a comment? >> andrea: yes, what is your gut telling us today? >> bob: a lot of it. let me start with dick morris. i've known him a long t
FOX News
Mar 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. the economic theories of gingrich, santorum and romney. they are bankrupt. if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> so bob, is it fair for vice president biden to accuse the conservatives of bankrupting america when knows well president obama has already done that. >> first of all, president obama hasn't. yes, he does his campaign. have i told you this is a presidential race and by the way, the green, is that a green pen. in that is really good. they are out campaigning early. why? because they are in some trouble. they have low poll ratings, we understand that. but the good news for us is we get to campaign against biden or -- i mean against mitt romney who will be the nominee and the other two will go -- >> that is pretty gutsy so say romney, santorum and a gingrich will bankrupt obama. under president obama there has been $5 trillion added to the debt. aren't we already bankrupt. >> that is the problem. maybe he just woke up and realized this. where is the solutions. he is still blaming the last administration. refusing to
FOX News
Mar 5, 2012 2:00pm PST
also had time to talk about why you think mitt romney should be the g.o.p. nominee. can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with the romneys? >> well, we have known the romneys for a number of years, dana. i knew the mother and father. i'm so old now i probably knew the grandmother and grandfather. but in any case, we loved them. george romney started inspiration for points of light. he is a wonderful giving man and his son is the name. we really enjoyed them. i love ann romney. her great courage. she is just, i think they are a great family. i honestly think he is the -- i haven't endorsed anyone yet, obvious, but do you think i have endorsed obviously. but he is just a businessman who will cope with the problems we have and get jobs. business back to where it should be. he is a very wise man. he has done wonderful things. i'm sick of people tearing him down, because he is a great, i think, a great man and would be a great choice. >> dana: let me ask you one more question before i turn it over to my friends here. >> sharing me with your friends, but okay. okay. >> dana
FOX News
Mar 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
: this is a fox news alert. any minute now, republican presidential candidate mitt romney will receive a major endorsement from president george h.w. bush, known as 41. we'll take you there live. so please stay with us. first, the fate of obamacare. we have had a week long of three days of argue. in the supreme court. it's safe to say while most of the media and a lot of democrats said it was a slam dunk for president obama when they got in a courtroom and they heard the questions from the justices now they're not so sure. partisan ide log criticism of the court didn't hold up when the sufficientest questions came from the left wing of the court. so they like to take devil's advocate. like you. i want to get to what happens next. the scenario of what can happen are interesting. what is your take on it? >> andrea: four possible scenarios. one the court does nothing and upholds the law. they repeal the entire thing. they could strike down the mandate. i'm likely to believe it will go this way. that they will strike down the mandate and then get rid of two key provisions. that is the preexisting
FOX News
Mar 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> the megamillions lottery jackpot over half a billion dollars. billion. that is so much money i saw mitt romney buying a lotto ticket. >> greg: welcome to predictable system, population jay. we love the lottery but not earned wealth. it's easier to envision winning than working. mitt's flaw he can't connect with the common man. so what, the common mant isn't interested in being common either. they are trying to join the 1%. if i can't have it, neither can you. so now we laugh at a guy like mitt who earns a living. but embrace a crab shoot where you have better odds of being president after being a community organizers. i love the lottery. i play it every time i eat at taco bell. but the delayed gratification untethers wealth from work as kids look at careers and say why do that? pick a number and hope for $640 million to pay the service on the jet to china which n the time it took me to read the god awful mess. $640 million. that is the combined salaries of bob beckel and juan williams. juan, good clean fun or pair sitparasite on the poor? two choices. >> juan: it is a parasite on the poor. bad
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
for the modern world. click or call. >>> from america's news headquarters i'm lauren green. mitt romney pulling out a fourth straight win in washington caucuses, snagging double digit victory was 37% of the votes saturday. rick santorum and ron paul battling for second place. saturday's contest comes days before super tuesday when 10 states will hold primaries. 14 people are dead and 60 hurt after two trains collided. footage showing rescue workers digging for passengers. 350 people were on board the trains when colliding saturday night. the crash is the worst rail catastrophe in poleland since 1990. an investigation is underway. i'm lauren green. now back to the huckabee special. and the candidate forum >> huckabee: welcome back to form 3 on jobs. governor romney took questions from our panel of experts. now he'll face reaction from three ohioans who have been affected seriously by the economic collapse. michael, tammy and devon, each of whom live in this beautiful area where some of the friendliest people on earth live. i got to tell you, i love wilmington. what a nice, nice community. great
FOX News
Mar 21, 2012 5:00pm EDT
last night. take a listen. >> romney, it was a candidate mostly a question of facing reality, sooner or later. >> anybody voting for santorum or gingrich is voting to have the nomination stale until the convention. >> this seems to drag on forever. i'm getting bored with this race. >> bob, you're not bored are you? with the race? >> bob: no. i'm excited about it. i was on the edge of my chair last night. >> bob: you predicted he would win by double digits. i did. it wasn't a surprise. the demographic breakdown is the same thing. santorum with the same rural evangelical vote. romney had the city and the counties throughout chicago that fit in his demographic. all three were right. the point is this has gone on too long. it will keep it going. hillary clinton and barack obama were close and competitive and carried it to the convention. they were fortunate to bring it together. if you have one that is obviously over and they still say yes, it rebounds negativ negatively. >> dana: one of the contest is in rick santorum's home state, pennsylvania. what about there? >> eric: he should win.
FOX News
Feb 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
. catholics. what mitt romney did is what he had to do. they are coming to where we have to run for ten states at one time. this is over. romney will be the nominee. the problem is romney has a tin ear. >> andrea: i agree with that. i say, too, the state that romney is going to, competitive in ohio, gingrich and santorum saying well, we're not going to play there. we'll play in tennessee. gingrich and santorum will split the vote. it's really, not a smart strategy. romney will win by default. >> bob: why they pull out of ohio. i thought santorum was going to stay in ohio. >> dana: why do you say tin ear? i thought the speech, and i heard from someone i trust for colorado, thought it was the best you had seen him. >> bob: his speech last night was better. tin ear is saying my wife has two cadillacs or nascar -- >> dana: at least they bought american. >> bob: nascar drivers can't stand nascar owners. >> greg: at the end of the campaign romney will have more bruises. and might be good. santorum dropped the sweater vest, it was like cutting samson's hair. took it away. >> andrea: you know what you
FOX News
Mar 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
spun faster he would take off like a helicopter. according to his logic, if mitt romney is elected president that is a great step for democrats. >> dana: everything is good. always spin. >> greg: this is exactly what a guy says when he gets dumped by a fiancee. this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. i'm going to go to gym. everything is going to be awesome. i feel great. then he goes home and eats package of oreos in bed and cries himself to sleep. dabs save me from myself. >> bob: what carville said makes sense. if this goes down, mandate goes down and most of the guts of the bill are taken down, you still have 40 million uninsured americans. now it's up to the republicans to do something about that. >> dana: not true. >> bob: yes, it is. >> andrea: they argue about medicaid. that would mean 17 million americans would get coverage under medicaid. the court, though we are unsure likely how it will rule is probably going to keep the medicaid and medicare provisions in place. >> bob: if i could finish my thought. let's assume that this is 30 million people uninsured
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 105 (some duplicates have been removed)